The Xiphos & The Hoplon

The Underrated – “Sports Edition” – Breaking Away

The Underrated: “Sports Edition” – The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings

The Underrated – “Sports Edition” – The Sandlot

Wizards: The Good Avatar Movie

The Runaways: Jailbait Kicks Some Music and Movie Ass

Hot Tub Time Machine: A Study in Meh

Trailering With Xiphos

The Crazies: The Review

List of “Fun” War Movies

Vaunted Mini Review

Inglorious Assturds

Top 10 Weapons in Film

New Top 10 War Movies

The Decades Dregs

Top 10 Movies of the Decade

Top 12 Modern War Movies

Paranormal Activity


Men Who Stare at Goats

Reading with Xiphos

Reading with Xiphos Episode II


Reading with Xiphos 4

The UK Office vs The American Office

Official Supernatural Season Finale ChangBack

Friday Night Lights

Top TV Shows & Miniseries of the Decade

Pacquiao vs. Clottey: THAT WAS A PRIZE FIGHT

Operation Overload – 6 June 1944

Memorial Day Is More Than Just A 3 Day Weekend

Ronnie James Dio Has Struck His Final Chord

27 responses to “The Xiphos & The Hoplon”

  1. Xiphos says :

    okay the corner is a temp name and I’m going to post something as trial

  2. Barfy says :

    Is Xi’s Corner like The House at Pooh Corner? 🙂

  3. Mavra says :

    Stay away from his honey pot. It’s sweet, but very sticky.

  4. Barfy says :


    I’ve tried being rubber
    To his sweet glue
    But after a taste of Xi honey
    What’s a poor girl to do???

  5. Xiphos says :

    so it looks like the first bannings are immenent.

  6. Xiphos says :

    I was kidding Jarv. If I set about banning anybody it would make me a giant hypocrit considering how many times I’ve been banned at the gingers spot.

  7. Jarv says :

    Unless you were a Portuguese goatfucker.

    I knew that, I just wanted a dig at him,

  8. Xiphos says :

    I seem to operating under some sort a humor deficiency
    today, sorry Jarv.

  9. Mavra says :

    Not “The Xiphos and The Hefalump”? Drat! Goodbye Hundred Acre Woods.

  10. xiphos0311 says :

    I’m assuming Mavra that a “Hefalump” has something to do with Winnie the Pooh? I don’t think I ever read it as a kid.

    When is the big trip going down?

  11. Mavra says :

    No Pooh for you? Guess I can’t say much. I’d never read “Where the Wild Things Are” until this week.

    My Brussels trip is two weeks from tomorrow. We’re going to visit the Military Museum, La Mort Subite, and shop for chocolates. It’s going to be fun!

  12. lordbronco says :

    Ooh la La Brussels-so going to be…”In Bruges”, so to speak?

  13. imgonafindyouotherchipps says :

    hey that’s a cool rule about portugees goat fuckers. I played this ‘mad’ board game when i was a kid. that not ‘mad’ as in ‘me and the boys played this fully mad board game, it was sick bro’ but ‘mad’ as in the comic (which often made even less sense than it was supposed to cause the lazy fucker often printed 20 year old american satire – like 10 year old me is going to get that) ok rambling

    anyway on the board it had squares like ‘move forward three, or if you are alfred e newman go back to the start’. we could have portugee goat fucker rules like that. sorta like the ‘no homers club’

  14. Tom_Bando says :

    As Noted_Sage Jarv saithe-and I quothe: Portugal= landfill. Works for me.

  15. xiphos0311 says :

    Hey Bando finally showed Good to have you aboard, the Broncs choked Sunday.

  16. Tom_Bando says :

    Yeah they Did. Orton isn’t a downfield guy-you have Marshall, Gaffney and Stokely you know you Really should be able to do something More w/ that than he has.

  17. Toadkillerdog says :

    Hey Xi, that is a good list. Now, here is my ‘unconventional’ war list.

    1) Stalag 17. Hysterically Funny. Taut. And terrific performances by all the leads. You will never look at Peter Graves the same again.

    2) The Great Escape. Just superb ensemble escape film. I am tempted to put Von Ryans express in here, but GE steals the thunder.

    3) The Deer Hunter. DeNiro. Streep. Nuff said

    4) Lawrence of Arabia. I am reminded of a scene in Hollywood Knights, where one of the cops puts lyrics to LOA – ‘Lawrence, Lawrence of Araaabia, he’s an English guy came to fight the Tuuuurkish’ Ok, it was much more than that, it was epic and amazing!

    5) The Thin Red Line – Malick. Nuff said

    6) MASH – Nekkid hot lips Houlihan. Nuff said.

    7) Apocalypse Now – Martin Sheen had a heart attack filming this. Bald headed Brando. Nuff said.

    8) The Dirty Dozen – Best kick ass ensemble ever assembled on screen. Nuff said.

    9) Manchurian Candidate. Had to get Frank in here (and was not putting From here to Eternity on list – even though I really like that flick). This is a helluva movie. Action and psychological thriller. Just tragic what they did to him.

    10) African Queen – Hey Bogey and Hepburn blew up a german ship with a torp so it counts!

  18. Toadkillerdog says :

    I have no idea how that smiley face got there at what should have been number 8!

  19. xiphos0311 says :


    I’m going to assume you read the second list first. Here’s a link to the first list I did for Jonah’s place:

    Quick bit of back round. Jonah asked me to do a list of war movies that got combat right. So I started to compile a list and in about 5 minutes I had a list with about 70 movies on it so I made a decision to limit the first list to movies about US warriors in WW2, Korea and Vietnam.

    The second list, which is the one I assumed you read, was more international in flavor and dealt with different eras. Some of the movies you listed while great did not meet the criteria for the lists I made.

    Sometime in the coming weeks Jonah will post another list at his place(which I will post here after a suitable interval) with what I consider to be “fun” war movies and after that a list of cool weapons from the movies.

    You might enjoy this link:

  20. Toadkillerdog says :

    Yeah Xi, I read and was commenting on the second one. My list was not really War flicks, but flicks that had a strong ‘unconventional’ war theme.

    Yeah I loved that Marine link

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