The Underrated

This is the Underrated. As I stumble across films that I think are being, or have been, unfairly maligned then I will review them, and try to state a case for why they should be rediscovered.

I’m open to suggestions, so if anyone who reads this has a personal choice that they think is sadly neglected, then please let me know- I’ll be glad to review them.



Electra Glide in Blue review

Swimming with Sharks Review

Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia Review

Stake Land Review

Ink review

The Eyes of Laura Mars Review

Castle Freak Review

Fermat’s Room Review

The Chronicles of Riddick Review

Dead Man’s Curve Review

Body Snatchers Review

Peeping Tom Review

Performance Review

Donnie Brasco Review

13: Game of Death Review

The Chaser Review

Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General

Misfits Review

Hardcore Review

Eden Lake Review

I, Lucifer Review

Memories of Murder Review

The Last Seduction Review

Red Rock West Review

Meet the Feebles Review

Angel Review

Vice Squad review

Cypher Review

Fierce People Review

Speed Review

Behind the Sun review

Black Snake Moan Review

Swamp Thing Review

Alien 3 review

Cop Land Review

Tropa De Elite Review

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