Echo in the Dark

Oct 08, 2009–

6 responses to “Echo in the Dark”

  1. Xiphos says :

    Echo in the dark makes me think of that Ronnie James Dio song Rainbow in the Dark

  2. MORBIUS says :


    Have you thought about having a ‘rating’ system for the movies being reviewed?
    Maybe, like smaller versions of the werewolves in spacesuits on the home page.
    Just a thought, Cheers! M.

  3. Xiphos says :

    Morbius there is a rating system that is starting. a movie or a TV will be rated on the “chang system” that is 1-4 Walter Changs. Jonah intorduced it on his review of Cat Eyes. I have shameless stole it or more acurately Had Barfydog steal it for me to use.

  4. Tom_Bando says :

    They gave it three hooves up in Almada.

  5. Jarv says :

    I robbed it myself.

    Credit where it’s due. A good idea.

  6. kloipy says :

    I have something to post for you guys

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