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The CoC Cinema Awards


After a long and arduous selection process and a completely open transparent voting system, it’s finally time to see who wins the coveted Golden Graboid. I did hire Johnny Vegas (sorry all I could afford) to present these, but unfortunately he’s busy throwing up in the bathroom, so I’ve got to step in. Read More…

The Coc Awards: Part 3- The nominations are

This is the cinema part of these awards. Over the last few weeks, we’ve asked for your thoughts on category, and then we asked everyone for nominations. I’ve now collated them all, and these are the most nominated in each category. I’m putting it to the vote, so it’s all public etc, but don’t forget how easy it is to bribe me!.

First up: The Cinema Awards. Where at all possible, I’ll link to a review that we’ve got up. A lot of them we haven’t reviewed which is a bit odd, given the amount of crap we have squandered bandwidth on. Otherwise, just take my word for it. All finalists received more than one nomination with one exception, that I’ll explain when it comes up.

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Daybreakers Banner

Lets Break Some Day

Daybreakers is a good ole fashion down home romp in the dystopian future in which Vampires have killed off all but the last 5% of humans in the world.  Read More…

Happy Festivus for the rest of us!


I just wanted to give a shout out to all the people who make my life more interesting.

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Wherein the intrepid author takes a spin down tough guy street and comes back with a busted nose, three cracked ribs, a black eye and excellent books with tough guys in them.

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Droid had a great time at ‘Zombieland’



‘Zombieland’ is simple stuff.  It bothers only with a minimal story and focuses on providing us with great performances, plenty of laughs and a seemingly never-ending zombie population for our intrepid heroes to splatter in various amusing ways.  There are no huge surprises, and it never outstays it’s welcome.  It’s simply lots of fun.

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