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The Underrated: The Chaser

It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve done one of these, and I’m actually thinking about renaming this section “the underexposed”. This time up, I’m once again delving back into Korean Cinema for a 2008 crime film that is both severely underexposed and truly excellent. I don’t really understand the West’s attitude to Japanese/ Korean cinema. Any blue filtered two-bit horror movie gets ridiculous levels of, to quote Droid, nut stroking, and yet the best films that I’ve seen from Korea recently are all crime films of some description. The tendency that still floats around amongst people to write off a whole culture as either boneheaded horror, stupid monster movies or chop-socky nonsense is astonishing, particularly when you consider how good films like The Vengeance Trilogy, Memories of Murder and now The Chaser actually are. The Chaser, incidentally, is being sold by Lovefilm as a horror movie. It most certainly is not. You can argue that it is a thriller, but it isn’t the serial killer gorefest that I was expecting. Read More…