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A vs WotM: The Motion Picture – Initial Discussion


Greetings fellow Changians. This has been something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Back in our AICN days, one of my fondest memories was the discussion we had around the making of our very first film, tentatively titled ‘Astrodykes vs Werewolves on the Moon’. I’m almost certain I copied the discussion, dumped it into a word file and emailed it to myself, but it’s since been lost amongst the spam for viagra and facebook reminders. Yes, knobhead facebook. I know I haven’t logged in for months. I know I have “important updates”. Stop calling!

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Queers and Junk: Naked Lunch

I now return to the Cronenberg series after what feels like an eternity and I can’t say I’m taking much pleasure from the next few films. Naked Lunch is the starting point for “the second shit period” and although it isn’t as bad as I remembered it being, I can’t say that I actually enjoyed watching it. Read More…