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Jarv’s Schlock Vault: Warlock

Our interest lies in stopping those who would see all good falter. It lies in stopping the powers of misrule from coming of age. It lies in finding that damned book, and thwarting a vile beast of a man who shall not rest until God himself is thrown down, and all of creation becomes Satan’s black hell besmeared farting hole!

Jarv’s Rating: 3 Changs out of 4. I may be overrating this a touch, but for the most part it’s good fun and very funny in places. 

This is a film that comes with some heady recommendations. No less noble Changian brothers than, er, everyone that’s seen it had been talking about it for a while. Being a perpetual slacker (moi?), I’d only seen the sequel for some inexplicable reason. I do remember enjoying the sequel, mostly for Julian Sands’ astonishingly gay Warlock and the Picasso moment, but I’d never been tempted to dust down the original. Mindful of the ringing endorsements from all and sundry, I bumped this up the Lovefilm list and put it in.  Read More…