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Supernova (2000)


Director: Thomas Lee (or Walter Hill)

Starring: James Spader, Angela Bassett, Robin Tunney

Space… vast, unknowable… what lies beyond its endless, intemerate dark? Perhaps worlds of zephyrean solitude, or monstrous, despairing horrors the human mind was never meant to comprehend. Or maybe it’s just a bum-fluffed cockwomble blatting endlessly about sod all. From visionary director Thomas Lee comes this exercise in SF terror as a medical ship receives a distress call from a distant mining colony and on arrival the crew discovers a lone survivor in possession of a glowing alien artifact… May contain the bamboozling sight of a 1970’s robot dressed as a 1940’s fighter pilot & spoilers.

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The World According to Arnie – Red Heat (1988)

Red-Heat-bannerBuddy movies are the comic book movies of the 80’s. When Walter Hill’s ’48 Hours’ proved a surprise hit in 1982, it spawned countless variations on the theme. The buddy movies of the 80’s are nearly always based around cops from different walks of life who become partners (‘Lethal Weapon’), or cops and criminals thrown together (‘Midnight Run’, yes technically he’s a bounty hunter, but that movie is awesome and I wanted to mention it!). But the formula dates back further. The earliest successful buddy movie (that I can think of) is Neil Simon’s ‘The Odd Couple’. It’s an easy formula, because all you need to do is put two completely different personalities together, have them clash, then find a common ground (in the case of the buddy cop movie, it’s always the villain) and as they work together towards their goal, they become friends.

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Jarv’s Birthday Series: The Driver (1978)

When I was growing up, for some reason that I can’t really remember, I always wanted to own a Pontiac Firebird. Now, as an adult, I know better and that there is almost no good reason on God’s green and verdant Earth to want to drive an American car. Basically, if you want to drive something that weighs the same as the QE2, has the handling of a brick, the petrol consumption of a thirsty rhino, brakes that Europe discarded for being crap about 30 years ago,  and isn’t even particularly fast then an American car is the way to go. The reason I say “almost”, is that they do look damned cool. Still, all in all, I’d rather have an Aston Martin, and as it’s nearly my birthday, instead of giving me the complete works of Kate Hudson, feel free to club together to buy me one. Anyhow, as I kick off this heinously misguided series, the first film was released on my actual date of birth in France, and features lots of cool American cars being driven fast. Read More…