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maninchairHEY LOOK A NEW POST! NO SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! I know, I know. I haven’t posted anything in awhile but in fairness nobody else has either so I thought maybe, just maybe, if I did it would get the ball rolling again. Let’s hope so!

Well anyway this isn’t going to be a long post. I’m just going to make recommendations for a bunch of TV shows I think are great for binge watching for different reasons. Most I’ve talked about before probably but this is just a post to get my feet wet for writing again. Let me know in the comments any shows I missed which will be many I am sure. One last thing, this isn’t in any sort of order it’s just as they occur to me.


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maninchair_thumbIt’s that time once again for me to tell you what new TV shows I tried out and why most of them have sucked. I think the “golden age” of TV we have been living in this century might be ebbing right now. Hopefully TV can bounce back soon but looking at the shows on the horizon I don’t think so. Still, TV is better than the movies at this point but not by as much as it use to be. The suck gap is narrowing fast. Read More…

Jarv’s view from the couch returns!


It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything due to crushing work pressure and the fact that I’ve knackered the home PC. So, in a lame attempt to at least update every now and again, I’m resorting to our Spanish lap top. Which is fun, provided I remember where the quotation marks are.

Anyway, I’m still not watching a lot in the way of films, seeing as Lovefilm has seen fit to put basically every TV show ever made up on free to view. So, as a result I’m picking my way through TV series. You know the drill for this by now: a handful of mini-reviews of whatever series I’ve watched recently. Usually a mix of the good, the bad and the downright rotten. Read More…

Jarv’s view from the couch part 2: Comedy and Drama


I know technically DarkPlace was a comedy, but I’m splitting this TV series into manageable bite-sized chunks.

Anyway, this time around, I’m looking at another cancelled British comedy, and a long running and grotesquely overrated American series. Read More…

Jarv’s view from the couch: Part 1 (Sci-fi and Horror)


This is normally Droid’s territory, but work has been kicking my arse to such an extent that I have literally not watched a movie of any description for absolutely yonks. However, Lovefilm has stuffed a whole load of TV up on the On-Demand service, and I have been watching that. So, this will include a brief capsule review of everything I’ve seen in 2013. Many of these series I started and then abandoned for being either a) shit or b) too much  for my lazy brain to deal with.

I’m not bothering with ratings for this lot, as I’ll be here all day. I will try to be clear though.

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Misfits Season 4 or Why can’t I quit you?



See, it promised me. It said that it was because of the Overman. However, intensive therapy had made it realise that the Overman made it crazy, and as such it would never touch the Overman again.

I’d heard these promises from E4’s Misfits before, but somehow I just knew that this time would be different. It was free of the Overman, after all, and furthermore the love story was finished so we could just move on with a clean slate. It asked me to remember the good times, the laughs we had shared, the fun we had had, and as such, I really owed it that one more chance.

Unfortunately, the leopard doesn’t change his spots and it is still hooked on the Overman. Howard Overman, to be precise. Which means that what we have here is a super powered chav story, where our main characters don’t use their powers for the most part.  Read More…

Requiem for procrastination: Jarv looks at the last 12 months of Werewolves on the Moon.

Another October has passed and we’re another year older and wiser. Thus it is time for me to trawl through the archives and present some of our efforts that have been hugely entertaining and maybe worthy of another look.

Last year, I did this by month, but I’m not so sure that’s the way forward this time. Basically, the year has been dominated by a number of series, and so instead of me churning out loads and patting myself on the back, I thought I’d just look at a few of the contributions from various good Changians. Some have been fun for all involved, and some of them less enjoyable for one of the brethren (Just Pillow Talk).

So, here we go: Happy Belated Birthday to us….

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Jarv in Spain. Part 3- TV

Or, more specifically, Damages Season 3.

Yesterday I looked at Damages Season 2, which I think is dreadful for a variety of reasons. However, it was still popular enough for FX to allow it one more season. Unfortunately, Season 3 is also uniquely dreadful, for entirely different reasons to Season 2, for the most part anyway. Rose Byrne still sucks, obviously, because she can’t help it, but on the whole the problems on Season 3 are due to some fundamentally odd decisions made at script level.

May contain Aussie actresses sucking and spoilers below. Read More…

Jarv in Spain. Part 2: TV

This time it’s TV, or more specifically, Damages.

Mrs Jarv is a big fan of the first series of Damages, and to be fair, she’s right, it is good. It’s nothing earth shattering, sure enough, but the story is compelling, the performances are good- with Ted Danson in particular acting against type and simply brilliant. Glenn Close is on form as the ruthless Patty Hewes and the series simply rattled along.

However, as is always the way, one successful series spawned some sequels, and as Mrs. Jarv loved them so much, she took the box sets to Spain. I’d already seen some of season three, and hated it, so I knew this was going to be rocky.

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Here are some books I’ve read and TV and movies I’ve seen lately. I  decided to wrap them up into a quick reviews format this time out. Due to Barfy being very busy at the moment this is all me she didn’t edit it so that’s why it reads like it was written by a slow five year old.

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