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maninchairHEY LOOK A NEW POST! NO SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! I know, I know. I haven’t posted anything in awhile but in fairness nobody else has either so I thought maybe, just maybe, if I did it would get the ball rolling again. Let’s hope so!

Well anyway this isn’t going to be a long post. I’m just going to make recommendations for a bunch of TV shows I think are great for binge watching for different reasons. Most I’ve talked about before probably but this is just a post to get my feet wet for writing again. Let me know in the comments any shows I missed which will be many I am sure. One last thing, this isn’t in any sort of order it’s just as they occur to me.


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maninchair_thumbIt’s that time once again for me to tell you what new TV shows I tried out and why most of them have sucked. I think the “golden age” of TV we have been living in this century might be ebbing right now. Hopefully TV can bounce back soon but looking at the shows on the horizon I don’t think so. Still, TV is better than the movies at this point but not by as much as it use to be. The suck gap is narrowing fast. Read More…



Here’s a round up of things I’ve watched on DVD or off my sling box over the last few months. It’s a weird grouping this time out.

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So you said to yourself “self I wonder what TV shows Xiphos has been watching lately” Well here you go*

*started early April 2011

Don’t say I don’t do things for you people.

Here’s a round up of shows I’ve caught since the start of the year. Most of these I saw via the computer since there have more been a few nights I was working late and alone so the Internet download became my good friend. I predict at least two of these shows will send Jarv’s blood pressure into orbit so that should be fun.

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