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The Golden Changs 2011- The Film Awards. The Nominations are:


Break out the red carpet, dust down your party gear, crack open the booze, and score as many class A’s as you can, because it’s now time for 2011’s annual Golden Changs. This year’s is a bit late, as we had some difficulties with the producer (we wouldn’t let him put pre-0p transexual hookers on expenses) and the host (who quit because he’s best buddies with the producer) although I’m still hopeful we can get Don “Fat cunt” Murphy. Read More…

10 to look out for in 2010

Hollywood sign It’s already the end of April and the summer blockbusters are beginning to dominate the cinemas. It’s been a surprisingly strong start to the year for us genre fans, with films like The Book of Eli, The Crazies and Daybreakers turning out to be pretty damn good. I was gazing over the release schedule for the remainder of the year and there seems to be a lot of absolute garbage coming out, and next to nothing in the way of decent genre fare, unless you want to count Piranha 3D or Resident Evil 4. I don’t.

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