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ToadKillerDog falls in love with Mathilda May…


It’s always nice when we get a new contributor. This time out it’s Below the line regular and caretaker of the most alcoholic dog in continental America ToadKillerDog.

He’s popping his critical cherry with perennial alcohol accompaniment favourite, Tobe Hooper’s epic and completely coke-fueled Lifeforce.

Take it away TKD… Read More…

Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

As I approach the last handful of films on the Birthday List, this is where I expect the quality to start varying wildly. The problem is that when you near the early 80’s, it becomes more difficult to pin down the exact release date of the various films, so you’re left with whatever you can get hold of. The rules to The Birthday Series are simple: take your date of birth, and review a film that was released somewhere as close to that date as possible.  There’s always the odd classic that leaps out, but the rest of them tend to be a mishmash of schlocky garbage, nonsense sequels, unfunny comedies and heavy-hitting drama. It is strange, actually, but one of the anomalies of my list is the sheer absence of action movies. Which is a shame, because I like those.  Anyhow, I haven’t had a horror movie in a while, so let’s step up with Tobe Hooper’s belated sequel to his all-time classic: it’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (release date 22nd August 1986). I vaguely recalled seeing this about 15 years ago, and not liking it very much, so this bodes well for this review.

May contain a Chili cook off and spoilers below Read More…

Drunken Cinema 2: Lifeforce

Our first attempt at this was the utterly insane The Pit. It was fun, but the monkey got bored and started watching some shenanigans with cheerleaders in a chick flick pos. So, clearly The Pit wasn’t bugnuts enough for this kind of drunken foolhardiness. Read More…

Jarv’s Schlock Vault: The Funhouse

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The Funhouse

“Well, you never were much for knowing the value of cash, were you”

One of the principal pleasures I take from writing the vault reviews, is that the films themselves give me plenty to muse on while I’m skiving work. For The Funhouse, which I’m doing because Mark Lester (director of Class of 1999) produced it, I have to wonder what on earth happened to Tobe Hooper. Read More…

Jarv’s Schlock Vault: Lifeforce

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“Assume we know nothing, which is understating the matter”


Please excuse any inaccuracies with this review; my copy of the film was scratched and unwatchable so I’m writing this from memory. Also, it was tough going finding pictures of Lifeforce without Miss May starkers, so if you were clicking on this in the hope of some full frontal, I apologise in advance. Perverts. Read More…