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Eye Of The Beholder (2000)

Director: Stephan Elliott

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, Patrick Bergin

Release date: January 28 (US). This replaces the unavailable Isn’t She Great. The Noughties! Ever hopeful did I stride forth into the new Movie Millennium. Ever bewildered did I emerge the other side. May contain irrational cats and spoilers…

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Blink (1994)

Director: Michael Apted

Starring: Madeleine Stowe, Aidan Quinn, Peter Friedman

Release date: January 26 (US). I’ve heard several positive murmurs about this one on here since it crashed onto my list, so I’m going in with hopes raised. May contain graphic eye surgery and spoilers…

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Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: Red Eye (2005)

Wes Craven has had a strange career. He’s made some of the most iconic horror films of the modern era, but in between the Scream and Nightmare efforts he’s padded his CV with what can only be described as utterly blah movies. Red Eye is one of the latter, and nobody in their right mind is ever going to claim this as a classic. However, by the same score, it’s not at all worth me destroying being a totally mundane and inoffensive way to pass the time. Just not a particularly interesting one.

Contains a seriously struggling reviewer and minor spoilers  below.

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A Droid Premiere: The Raven (2012)

A Droid PremiereI’ll be upfront and honest, I’m not very familiar with the works of Edgar Allan Poe. I haven’t read anything by him apart from The Raven and The Telltale Heart. I also know absolutely zero about him personally. I only discovered when looking him up just prior to seeing this film that he died at just 40 of an unknown ailment that has been the subject of much conjecture. He only wrote the most famous of his works in the last five or six years of his life, and at the age of 26, he married his 13 year old cousin. Nowadays he’d be hearing a rap-rap-rapping at his door alright. And a rap-rap-rapping up the side of the head as he’s dragged off in shackles. My how times have changed.

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Don’t Look Now (1973)

600full-dont-look-now-posterEDITORS NOTE: This review is the first and last entry in the defunct ‘The Lovefilm Experiment’ series. The series never got off the ground because Lovefilm was useless. The turnaround from sending a film back to receiving a film was too long, and nearly every single junk selection I put on the list came through first. So unfortunately I won’t be continuing the series. I wrote this review in October, and haven’t re-read it, so apologies forthwith if it’s no good.

I recently got a three month subscription to Lovefilm for a steal. I’ve never had a use for the service before because if I want to watch a movie I’ll acquire it instead of waiting days on the off chance they decide to send something to me. So the decision to get Lovefilm was one made based on two requirements. I get it cheap and I don’t fill my list with the kind of standard Hollywood garbage that I can easily acquire if I want to atom bomb a few million brain cells.

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36 Hours (1965)

Director: George Seaton

Starring: James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Taylor

Release date: January 28 (US, movie debut). Right then, here we go, can’t believe I’m doin’ this…. Happy Birthday to me, squashed tomatoes and brie! I should say as I will each time (in case of random drive-by visitors) this write-up may contain spoilers

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The World According to Arnie – Red Heat (1988)

Red-Heat-bannerBuddy movies are the comic book movies of the 80’s. When Walter Hill’s ’48 Hours’ proved a surprise hit in 1982, it spawned countless variations on the theme. The buddy movies of the 80’s are nearly always based around cops from different walks of life who become partners (‘Lethal Weapon’), or cops and criminals thrown together (‘Midnight Run’, yes technically he’s a bounty hunter, but that movie is awesome and I wanted to mention it!). But the formula dates back further. The earliest successful buddy movie (that I can think of) is Neil Simon’s ‘The Odd Couple’. It’s an easy formula, because all you need to do is put two completely different personalities together, have them clash, then find a common ground (in the case of the buddy cop movie, it’s always the villain) and as they work together towards their goal, they become friends.

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The World According to Arnie: The Running Man (1987)


There have been an awful lot of adaptations of Stephen King’s work. According to the internets, not counting short films or episodes of a TV show (such as the X-Files), the number sits at 62. And counting. There is a pretty even split across Film and Television, with some even doubling up, such as Carrie and The Shining. Most of them remain unseen by me (something that is unlikely to change in the future), but the one’s I have seen tend to fall in either one of two categories. Brilliant or Terrible. There seems to be no middle ground with Stephen King.

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Stuff Blows Up Real Good: The Mission: Impossible Trilogy

stuff-blows-up-real-good-headerSince Mission: Impossible Droid Protocol is under way, and the latest instalment of the franchise is soon to be released, it seems relevant to revisit the series with these, the much vaunted (not so) mini reviews. I’ve chosen this method because, to be quite honest, the sequels don’t warrant a full review, and much of my opinion of each film can be attributed to all three.

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The World According to Arnie – Predator (1987)

Predator-1987-TitleAmazingly, it’s been over a year since my last foray into the rollercoaster career of one Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. For those out there who truly appreciate laziness, this one’s for the books. Since the ‘Raw Deal’ review was published, a lot has changed for Arnie. He’s no longer Governor of California, his wife divorced him because he was diddling the help, and his acting career is getting back up and running with an expanded role in 2012’s The Expendables 2, as well as his true comeback film, 2013’s The Last Stand.

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