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Hackery: Jarv Presents the 10 most hateful remakes out there.

Fucking remakes. As I demonstrated last time, it is possible to do them and not make them suck. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to tell half the lazy motherfuckers working in cinema at the moment. As a result there are countless remakes out there that are inept, shit, pointless, hateful, and downright insulting to the viewer. The Orangutan of Doom exists for a reason, and every single one of these films earns one. They all, frankly, blow to such an extent that I actually empathise with everyone’s favourite angry ape as watching them makes me want to poke my own eyes out while giving the finger to the film.

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New VHS of the Week: The House Of The Devil

The House of the Devil VHS

VHS is the New BLU RAY!

From the director of Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever comes a movie that does not suck! Unlike anything from the director of Cabin Fever.

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