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Jarv takes a climbing axe to The Descent 2

To be honest, I was never going to be able to write an impartial review of this film. The original, which I reviewed here and Droid reviewed here, was one of the few films that made both our top 10 of the last decade lists, and is a masterclass in suspense.

This soulless cash in sequel is not- and I’m going to relentlessly spoil this film, in much the same way that it tried it’s hardest to spoil the original. If you care about such things, do not read on.

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Droid defines the Decades best movies – #10 The Descent (2005)

The Descent Poster I think it’s well established that I don’t like horror films. Other than a select few, I find the majority of them insultingly stupid, badly made and terribly acted. Sometimes I’ll watch them to laugh at their ineptitude, or in the case of ‘House of Wax’, to see Paris Hilton brutally murdered. ‘The Descent’ is one of the rarities of the genre. It’s smart, well written, features great performances and most of all, is masterfully directed.

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