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Jarv ‘s 2012 Retrospective Part 3: The Best films I reviewed


Last time around I chronicled the stinkers I looked at in the last 12 months, and I wasn’t short of options. However, this time around, I’m looking at the best films that I saw in 2012 and turning out a top 10.

I did see some absolutely brilliant movies, and they were pleasingly spread out throughout the year- there wasn’t a massive congestion of them in one month, so it allowed me respite from the seemingly endless parade of dreck that I usually sit through. As the year went on, actually, my focus shifted and I started doing the censorship essays. As a result of this, the quality of film actually rose as I picked incredibly famous examples of movies to fit in as the example of the essay, and it’s no surprise to see several of them make my final shortlist.

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Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: Talk to Her (2002)

Round three in the Almodovar run in the new and even more difficult Birthday Series. So far, I have to say, that I don’t think they’ve been that difficult. Sure, The Skin I Live In was more than a little bit icky, and yes, Volver was a glorified soap opera, but we all know what we’re going to get from the old Spanish filth merchant: a boat load of melodrama, some gratuitous nudity, and more perversion than a Thai brothel. So, this time around, I was mildly pleased to see that my 2002 film (23rd August in the UK) was his masterpiece. Talk to Her is a nailed on classic, one of the finest films of that decade, and it was genuinely a pleasure to sit through it again.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

May contain the incredible shrinking man climbing into a vagina (really not joking) and spoilers below

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Jarv goes to the EU and comes back with a searing hatred of red tape, rampant xenophobia but also the 10 best European movies of the decade

As part of my moronic round the world in films quest, I’m moving on to the continent, and I’m genuinly surprised by this list. Not because any of the films are left field, but because several of them make my overall best of the decade. Also, looking at the European films, I know that I’m forgetting loads, and haven’t seen some, but I was stunned to see that 5 of my potential 10 were British. Read More…