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ToadKillerDog falls in love with Mathilda May…


It’s always nice when we get a new contributor. This time out it’s Below the line regular and caretaker of the most alcoholic dog in continental America ToadKillerDog.

He’s popping his critical cherry with perennial alcohol accompaniment favourite, Tobe Hooper’s epic and completely coke-fueled Lifeforce.

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Jarv’s Schlock Vault: Blood Camp Thatcher

None of us had a chance when we were picked to play Thatcher’s fucking game!

Being as I am actually English, and did grow up under Thatcher, I have to take issue with the above quote. Everyone survives playing Thatcher’s game. You won’t have a job, or be a productive member of society unless you’re a banker or something, but death isn’t on the cards. However, I’m not actually talking about that Thatcher, instead I’m talking about a ruthless Australian prison warden in a fucked up dystopian future. Incidentally, the alternative titles to this film are Escape 2000, and the quite magnificent Turkey Shoot. Turkey Shoot, by the way, is far and away the most appropriate title for this gloriously sleazy piece of exploitative schlock.

Contains massive amounts of violence and spoilers below.

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Drunken Cinema 2: Lifeforce

Our first attempt at this was the utterly insane The Pit. It was fun, but the monkey got bored and started watching some shenanigans with cheerleaders in a chick flick pos. So, clearly The Pit wasn’t bugnuts enough for this kind of drunken foolhardiness. Read More…