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Jarv’s Top 10 Biggest Cunts in Cinema

Because I’m in what could charitably be described as an evil fucking mood today, I’m postponing the planned review of Starship Troopers. Instead, I’m going to put up 10 of the biggest, most unpleasant, most obnoxious cunts in the history of cinema. I’m going to try to not hit the obvious nominees here and instead provide a good cross section of the obnoxious, the weaselly, and the base characters that populate cinema.

So buckle up, this one’s going to be rough.

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Koutchboom Rectifies the Situation: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Haven’t done this in a while and I feel like this choice is a bit of an odd one seeing that I may be the last movie geek on earth to properly watch it, I have seen at least most of this film before because my parents owned it on DVD when it first came out, but I recall falling asleep a lot. An issue which I also had to fight this time while watching it, so I did break the movie up in two days with the two halves. So let’s see how its stood the test of time….

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Koutchboom’s Adventures In Terrible Comedy – The Love Guru

Sad Clown

Some people have accused me of liking trash because I’ve enjoyed some of the recent comical offerings that Hollywood is pooping out. Films like The Hangover, Hot Tub Time Machine, Tropic Thunder, Twilight: New Moon. So I’m on a quest to find the lowest of low (though I’ve already found it, it goes by the name of ‘Year One’) in comedies. There are a slew of terrible comedies released every week it seems, while I will not be able to see all of them I at least have 5-6 movies lined up before I can’t stand the unhilarity anymore. Without furthering my adieu I bring you the first bag of sadness…The Love Guru.

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Koutchboom Rectifies the Situation: The Hidden Fortress

So its been a little over a month and this weekly segment where I go back and watch movies that are considered classics and I have yet gotten around to seeing them, or I have seen them but I was too young to realize what I was watching IS BACK! I’m going to try to see if the film is worthy of its greatness or not, feel free to disagree with me and defend a movie you love or a movie you hate. Either way at least now I can say I’ve seen THAT movie.

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The genesis for this idea grew out of a discussion Jonah and I had one day about lists and the idea was born to do one about the best weapons from movies. Originally the list was going to be about Sci-Fi weapons but I decided to make it about weapons and weapon systems in general across all movie genres. It gave me more choices and honestly, how many people would want to read about the same weapon, over and over again, the laser gun?

This list isn’t tied into the “10 best of the decade” mania currently sweeping across movie related websites like the black plague. I’ve pulled these weapons from many different eras of movies (and real life) to make my point. Please feel free to remind me of the ones I’ve missed because I know I’ve missed a bunch.

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Bottom Feeders: Jarv’s worst of the decade (REVISED)

I’m going to do a best of the decade in late December, along with my best and worst of the year. However, as I’ve been useless recently, and Xi and Wolf have got their lists started I thought I’d chip in with my bottom of the decade list.  Which I feel I can do because I don’t think I’ll see anything worse than this lot before the year end. Read More…