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Halloween 2 (2009): Ending on a low note.


It’s been long noted in the 5 years or so that we’ve been doing this that I’ll watch anything, and can usually find some enjoyment regardless of how wretched the subject matter. I’ve taken on series such as Children of the Corn that would have had the brain of a lesser man melting through boredom, and I’ve reviewed 165 schlocky low budget b-movie efforts. Therefore, when I say that I’ve struggled with this series, and damned nearly abandoned it, you get an idea about how awful this film is. I started this fucking series A YEAR AGO, and came within a gnat’s pubic hair of binning it as a rancid idea. But now I can say with some confidence that I’ve done it- I’ve now finished the Halloween films.

And it’s been a real struggle.

Contains mystifying sub-Lynchian dream sequences and spoilers below.

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I am not a “music” guy. Don’t get me wrong, I like music well enough, but it’s not that important to me like others around here. Blitz talks about bands and looks online for docs about bands. Stuntcock Mike is a musician that plays at least one instrument and is/has been in a band. Jarv worked in the music industry for years. To me that shows a passion for the subject that I lack. My taste runs to the mundane. I like what I like and most of that is on the Dean Winchester from Supernatural approved play list. I think most Rap, Emo/whiner rock, NuMetal, house, industrial, electronica, grind, trip-hop, boy bands, girl singers, modern country (I’m a big fan of 70’s era Outlaw Country) and every other sort of talentless, cynical money grab the music industry pushes nowadays is shit filled shit on a shit stick with a side of shit served on a shit plate. Read More…