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Made in Britain: Down Terrace (2009)

British Cinema has a long and noble tradition of Kitchen Sink drama. Running back to the very start of the form, and arguably before it with the Angry Young Man playwrights, this genre has been a mainstay of our output. Some of the finest movies produced in these isles have fallen into this category, with Lindsay Anderson in particular championing the urban misery with films such as This Sporting Life. As the industry fell into terminal malaise, this almost seemed to be the only type of film we produced and the majority of modern British Cinema feels like it’s all set in a run down council flat with a miserable family in dramas directed by Mike Leigh, Ken Loach and Shane Meadows. Down Terrace fits right into this tradition, being a no-budget film directed by Ben Wheatley, written by Wheatley and Robin Hill and starring Hill himself and members of his immediate family.


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