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The Underrated: Body Snatchers

I’ve been dealing with relatively high caliber films in this series recently, and I’m getting a bit sick of pretending I know what I’m talking about when it comes to high art. Not to mention that there’s only a limited amount of time before I’m revealed as a fraud. So instead I thought I’d take a quick look at a version of one of the most remade films in history- I give you Abel Ferrara’s truly overlooked 1993 Body Snatchers. Read More…


Jarv’s Schlock Vault: Megiddo- The Omega Code 2

Well, there you go. See what you can accomplish if you don’t have to answer to Congress?

Jarv’s Rating: It’s clearly time to break out the Ramirez of Insanity again. This film is barking mad.

I’m wondering if it’s acceptable to just stick “sploitation” on the end of another unrelated word to make up a new genre for your film. Seriously, I’ve heard of Exploitation, obviously, and Blaxploitation, and even Nunsploitation, but reading up on this film introduced me to a new one: “Godsploitation”. Godsploitation- I mean really, what does that even mean, and how, precisely, unless you are a high-ranking member of the Vatican or Dan Brown, can you possibly exploit God? What’s next “Colourbeigesploitation” to describe completely “blah” films like The Invention of Lying, or perhaps “giantrobotsploitation” for the Transformers films, or even “pornsploitation”. Although in hindsight, that last one works.

Anyhoo, Megiddo is apparently Godsploitation, whatever the fuck that means.


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