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Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: Schock (1980)

As has been oft-noted on the various odysseys through the Birthday Series that we’ve done, the closer to the 1970’s you get, the more difficult it is to find the release dates of films. Wikipedia can only help out so much. So, turning to other sources, I find myself digging deep into the dregs of the internet to root out a film, any film, released remotely near to my date of birth. Sometimes this works out just fine, but on other occasions it can throw up some utter dross, or even worse than that Italian horror. So, with no further preamble, let me introduce you to the late unlamented Mario Bava’s last work, cleverly entitled “Schock”. Or Beyond the Door 2 if you’re American.

Contains woman possibly going insane or maybe not and massive, massive spoilers below.

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Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: The Last Exorcism (2010)

When I was looking through the 2010 films, The Last Exorcism (Release date: August 27th) stood out. Generally I should be all over this sort of film like a rash, but for some reason I just managed to miss it. I couldn’t really work out why it had slipped under my radar for a while but a couple of minutes of research gave it away. There are two features of The Last Exorcism that were almost guaranteed to make me avoid seeing it. The first is that it’s found footage. I know that with the likes of Troll Hunter, and the Rec films that found footage has had a bit of a resurgence and isn’t sucking ass with quite as much gusto (despite Romero’s best effort), but the thought of watching a hand-held camera shake around while the imbecile using it is too stupid to put it down to escape ordinarily puts me right off. However, more importantly, I saw that massive vortex of suck Eli Roth had his sticky mitts all over it. Roth is, to my thinking, one of the least talented individuals to ever be granted the right to make films. Every time I see his name I just instantly avoid watching the film, as I know that what I’m about to see will be asinine, juvenile, pathetic, irritating, and slightly less scary than the average episode of Sesame Street.

Does not contain luminous green projectile vomit, but instead contains quite impressive contortions and spoilers below.

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Jarv’s Birthday Series: Exorcist: The Beginning(2004)

I’m not joking here, but I genuinely think that there is a serious case to be made for the last decade being the worst decade in cinematic history. Just going through the list of films released near my Birthday each year and I’m already four films in without anything that could fairly be rated as above average. For the love of Pazuzu, the 70’s of which I only witnessed 2 films had one classic and one excellent movie. Look at the rubbish I’ve sat through- seriously: Bring it on= crap; Heartbreakers= crap; S1m0ne= good effort, but fails; My Boss’s Daughter= utter crap. So will 2004 break the cycle with the long-awaited Exorcist Prequel (well, the second attempt at the long-awaited Exorcist Prequel)?

Advance warning: I’ve gone a bit picture happy, and there is an enormous spoiler in this review that I’ve got to blow, sorry, so if you care, don’t read this. Read More…