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Reasons not to have kids: The Children of the Corn Series- Children of the Corn

It has to be said that I really don’t make things easy for myself. I ask if anyone has any suggestions for a series, and someone (Droid) pops up with “Children of the Corn”. Now, I’d only seen one of these and seemed to remember it being quite good so thought “that’s not a bad idea, I’ll give it a shot”. However, really, alarm bells should have been ringing as Droid only ever suggests a series in the hope that whichever mug (usually me or Frank) that sits through them will have a miserable time. Not forgetting that there are 8 films in it including the remake. That’s potentially a lot of suck.

Never mind, I’m committed now, so let’s get this fiasco underway with the original 1984 Children of the Corn Read More…