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Jarv takes a climbing axe to The Descent 2

To be honest, I was never going to be able to write an impartial review of this film. The original, which I reviewed here and Droid reviewed here, was one of the few films that made both our top 10 of the last decade lists, and is a masterclass in suspense.

This soulless cash in sequel is not- and I’m going to relentlessly spoil this film, in much the same way that it tried it’s hardest to spoil the original. If you care about such things, do not read on.

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Jarv’s Top 10 2000-2009. Number 7: The Descent

I said it about schlock, but I’m going to repeat it about Horror: this has been a terrible decade. Horror is, I believe, more problematic than Schlock as people will always make fun rubbish (intentionally or unintentionally). Horror, however, suffers from “trends”. What tends to happen is that one particular subgenre will be popular and, as Horror costs next to nothing to make, profitable. This in term brings all the scumbag cash in merchants out of the woodwork to bang out endless inferior copies that are a little bit like the original successful film. The predictable and depressing end result of this is that we get “movements” (I can’t think of a better description) that dominate the genre for about 6 years until saturation point is reached and the genre lurches into the new subgenre. Don’t believe me? Look at postmodernism in the 90’s- in the beginning there was Scream then Scream 2 and 3, the I Know films, Cherry Falls, Urban Legend etc. Read More…