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Jarv’s Birthday Series: Xanadu (1980)

Day 3 in the Birthday Series, and it’s time for the series to take a screaming nosedive into shitsville. I’d never even heard of this when it came up, and I didn’t actually bother checking what it was about, as I naively assumed that a film called Xanadu would be about either big press magnates or barbarian heroes cracking heads. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Having then looked it up, I was horrified to see Olivia Newton-John’s name topping the list. Fearing further investigation, I resolved not to read anything more about the film before attempting to watch it. No point putting myself in a more negative frame of mind, and anyway, how bad can it possibly be? Read More…

Leprechaun: The Saga Continues.

Top O’ the Morning to ye!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

I love these films. They make me happy on a lot of different levels, and I don’t want it to end on the sour note of Back 2 da Hood. The following are my hopes for the continuation of the series, and many of these are things we’ve already talked about. However, because I can’t remember who said what- consider you all thanked:

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