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Censor Me! Violence is golden: Reservoir Dogs

When I rewatched this film for this review I was struck with a sense of sadness. I vividly remember  seeing it at the time (and I’ll explain why in a moment), but I hadn’t seen it again for years. God knows why, as I actually have 2 copies of it on DVD (one I bought, and one that came in a box set), but for much of the 1990’s Quentin Tarantino’s debut effort was one of my favourite films. Anyway, as I say, watching it this time actually made me sad, because while I really enjoyed it again, you can see all the early signs that would contribute to Cokey McFrankensteinhead’s latter-day self-indulgence, and other cinematic crimes.

Nevertheless, Reservoir Dogs is this week’s censorship review, as in many ways the history of this film is an almost perfect example of the idiocies of the British Classification system. Once again, all citations come from the BBFC’s excellent case study, available here.

Lengthy personal anecdote and mild spoilers below

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Jarv’s Birthday Series: My Boss’s Daughter (2003)

I’m in a filthy mood with this review series at the moment. I blame the 90’s, because it lured me into a false sense of security that there’s nothing in it that would be difficult to get through. This couldn’t be further from the truth, instead from 1999 to 2004 late August seems to be a dumping ground forthe most wretched garbage (honourable exception to S1m0ne which did at least try) that just make me want to punch the director, writer and lead actors. In this case, the film My Boss’s Daughter is so painfully, dreadfully unfunny that I spent a lot of time during the film plotting ways to take revenge on everyone involved with it, and I even drew up an inventory of items that I would need (razor wire, rubber hosing, a hungry badger and so forth). Read More…

Video Game Adaptations: Bloodrayne

Fuck this film. I actually want to beat the shit out of it using a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and drag the corpse behind a car doing 50 miles an hour along a gravel road.  Then I want to take the ripped up and bloody remains, stomp them for a while, before incinerating them in a furnace. Once finished, I want to take the furnace, place it in a spaceship and fire it into the fucking sun. Words actually fail to describe how fucking shit, boring, inept and aggravating this film is, so I’m going to have to invent some. From this moment onwards Bloodrayne shall be forever be rated as “Crabollshuseless”. Fuck me! Who the fuck keeps giving Dr. Uwe Boll money, and how the fuck does he keep getting good actors to waste in completely the wrong roles in films that defy description?

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The Underrated: Donnie Brasco

Back when I started this series, a little more than a year ago, Donnie Brasco was one of the titles I had in mind. It’s a hard one to describe as underrated, as almost every review of it is seriously laudatory, and yet, if you ask people to name mafia films it’s never mentioned. It feels as if the film is being forgotten, and I don’t for a second think that is a remotely just fate for a film as good as this. I can’t really think of any good reason for this omission, perhaps it was released at the wrong time, or perhaps it just doesn’t resonate, but this really is a shame as Donnie Brasco is a genuinely truly fantastic film, and one that marks a career high for several of the cast, not to mention Mike Newell. Nevertheless, Donnie Brasco is being so overlooked that a brief search of WordPress (looking for pictures) finds not one hit on the words “Donnie Brasco”.

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