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Cronenberg’s Talking Cure: A Dangerous Method

This, on paper, is a golden idea. Cronenberg has made a career out of Freudian imagery, so making an actual movie based on a well regarded play, based on a well regarded book, about Freud and Jung must have seemed like a perfect fit of director to material. Think Michael Bay and Transformers. Instead, I’m not sure what went wrong here, because this doesn’t feel much like a Cronenberg film, but that might be because this is “new” respectable Cronenberg, not old insane Body Horror Cronenberg. Dave, man, what happened to you?  Read More…


Just Pillow Talk v Marvel Comics 6 (6)- X Men: First Class

I think this film blows. Droid in his infinite wisdom also thinks this film blows. Yet, inexplicably, there seems to be consensus out there that this film does not, in fact, blow. Well, even in a minority as small as the one I find myself in, the truth is still the truth. I have now come to the conclusion that it must be flat-out impossible to make an X-Men film that could ever be described as actually good. The whole series is one sprawling morass of boredom and lameness with the occasional moment of quality that stands out from the otherwise never-ending stream of sleep-inducing tripe that otherwise parades across the screen in these movies. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that this may possibly be the worst X-Men film out there, and it’s all James McAvoy’s fault. Well, that’s a bit harsh, mostly his fault, because the writing makes it worse. Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me, let’s see how JPT gets on With X-Men: First Class. Read More…



I had a couple of days “off” on the 24th and 25th so I decided to watch a few movies. All of these have been covered here before and have been out for awhile but I figured what the hell, why not beat a dead horse some more. These three flicks, X-Men: First Class, Bad Teacher and Conan were all summer releases and even taking that factor into account none of them are all that good. It’s sad how lame movies have become especially summer ones. When I was a kid, we got summer movies like Raiders, Star Wars, Empire, Jaws, Breaking Away and dozens of other big and small movies that were well made and more importantly, fun to watch. Now we get these three dogs or crap like Transformers and dozens of others none of which are all that good or very interesting. Anyway, here are some reviews for your perusal during the slow week between Christmas and New Years. Read More…

Jarv casts his booze-sodden gaze back at 2010

Seeing as Droid has done his, and we all like these lists, I thought I’d put one up as well. Fuel for debate and whatnot.

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The Underrated: Eden Lake

This is a special bonus Underrated, as I watched this film last night and still feel a bit traumatised by it. When Eden Lake was released in the summer of 2008, I have to admit that I took one look at the Empire review (which is glowing) and one look at the plot synopsis and instantly thought “pass”. This was both a lucky escape and a stupid mistake. Lucky, because I don’t think that this would be an easy film to cope with on the big screen (and I’m really not joking about that), and stupid because Eden Lake is comfortably the second best British Horror film of the last decade. It doesn’t touch the Descent, which it owes a lot to, but it is a nasty, visceral little film that rooted me to my seat, but also manages to cram an impressive amount of social commentary into what is essentially a genre film. Read More…

Hunger left me full

Hunger movie poster

Hunger is the first feature film from visual artist Steve McQueen, and man is he going to be someone to look out for in the future. While this movie is not going to be for most people, those who can stomach the nature of this beast are surely going to be impressed.

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Inglourious Ass-Turds: the bowl winder review

Inglourious BasTURDS

Fuck you Cokey McFrankenstein Head


Inglourious BasTURDS

receives -356.715 negative Chang Heads

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