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Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: Coma (1978)



This is the penultimate review for the Birthday Series Redux, as I’m waiting for the atrocity released on 23rd August 2012 to make it to Lovefilm. However, when I had originally planned this run, the early Michael Crichton scripted medical thriller Coma was going to be the last review. However, sheer laziness won out, and I’ve got to look at something from 2012 as well. Anyway, this is the Birthday Series, and the rules are simple: Review one film released as near to your birthday as possible. Today, it’s  Michael Crichton directed Coma, a taut, plausible and downright scary medical thriller that was released on 24th August 1978 in, er, Mexico. Look, it’s bloody difficult finding any release dates for a film back then. Be thankful that I got anything.

Contains Hospital sanctioned organ heists and spoilers below.

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Droid’s Birthday Series: The Star Chamber (1983)


Hey, wouldn’t you know it, it’s my birthday again! And I’m still doing my birthday series!

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Shining Through (1992)

Director: David Seltzer

Starring: Melanie Griffith, Michael Douglas, Liam Neeson

Release date: January 31 (US). This replaces the unavailable Hurricane Smith. Am I missing anything there? I’m only asking because this Shining Through bollocks is unbelievable. May contain Berlin-quality strudel and spoilers…

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