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Video Game Adaptations: Mortal Kombat Annihilation

I’m honestly thinking about binning this fucking series. I’m not joking about this, but there’s only so much of this endless drivel that I can sit through, and I like to keep my garbage films safely ensconced in The Vault where they belong. Also, and this is important, let’s not forget that although the hit rate in the vault may be about 10-1, that 1 movie invariably turns out to be an absolute fucking humdinger, something so hugely and stupidly entertaining that it gives me strength to make it through the 9 pieces of garbage in between. In the case of this inordinately stupid Video Game Adaptation series almost all of them are utter crap, to the extent that I’ve even been making up alternative ratings to avoid giving every other film an Orangutan of Doom. Seriously, when the best film in this series has been the utterly meh Silent Hill, and I’ve given suspiciously overrated passes to things like Tekken, then you know that this is the antithesis of Charlie Sheen: it’s just FULL OF FAIL. Moreover, and this cannot come as much of a shock, I struggle to think of one film that embodies absolute failure as much as Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Read More…


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