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Xiphos vs The Book to Movie Adaptation: The Sand Pebbles


I’m sure this review is going to come as shock to most readers since it deals with the United States Navy and I am on record often and vigorously shitting on the Navy but The Sand Pebbles is such a great movie and book that for the purposes of this post the Navy gets a pass sort of. Read More…


Since the last post Continentalop and I collaborated on went over alright we decided to do another one, this time about cinematic gun fights. We are doing something different for this post. Instead of straight up ContinentalOps vs Xiphos like we did last time, this time we are going to run a poll after each choice and let you guys vote on our picks. We’re just going to present our gun battles choices straight up and let you fine folks make the call.

There is one other piece of business I need to attend to before we begin. Continentalop and I decided to exclude Heat, The Wild Bunch and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from our lists. We figured since those shootouts have about a million miles worth of ink and cyberspace devoted to them, we would instead focus our attention on other worthy cinematic gunfights, some of which are undeservedly overlooked. It’s not like we don’t think those gun battles aren’t anything but awesome but really, what more could a person say about them? In the following section Continentalop and I will quickly cover what criteria we used for our selections.

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