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Jarv’s Schlock Vault: Basement Jack

You will learn not to be a bad boy

Jarv’s Rating: Damn it, I’m really not sure. Oh, what the fuck, half a Chang out of 4. Completely derivative and uninspired slasher movie with a reasonably cool villain and a fucking stupid ending. Not to mention a fucking stupid beginning and a pretty fucking stupid middle.

Not to be confused with electronica/ house act Basement Jaxx. I never really liked them, but I do have to concede that they did have their moments, before they became confused about being actual “artists” rather than sample merchants. Still that “Where’s your head at?” video was pretty cool. The one with the monkeys. This film, on the other hand, does not feature monkeys, particularly monkeys that have ugly human faces and glasses and whatnot. It does, however, feature a stab at a new “slasher” villain, a couple of decent performances and a pretty well thought out origin story. It is also pretty fucking stupid. Read More…

Cronenberg disturbs Jarv: Shivers

I’m precisely one film into this series and I’m already wondering if this is a good idea. I know exactly what Cronenberg is about, and I usually carefully ration them so that I don’t overdose on body-horror, but I’d forgotten how, well, icky some of the early Cronenberg films are. Shivers, or They Came From Within to give it its US title, is an exemplary early look at several of the themes that would come to dominate Cronenberg’s back catalogue. Read More…