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Jarv’s Birthday Series: War (2007)

Well, I’m now up to the year 2007 in the Birthday Series, and as I approach the finish line, with only Death Race as a problem film ahead of me (fingers crossed for Conan), I’m stuck with having to write a review for the most mundane, uninspired film that’s come up. I’m actually struggling to pen this, so I’ll open with an easy question:

War, huh, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.  Read More…

Good Vampire Movies: Innocent Blood

Next up for what I hope will be a weekly series until the next installment of Twilight slithers its way on to screen is 1992’s grossly underrated and unfairly overlooked Innocent Blood. This film doesn’t have a UK DVD release, and this strikes me as very strange as this is an excellent film from an icon of horror with a cast that would be universally recognised as superb. Innocent Blood is a sexy, violent, and comical vampire film; an unusual and inventive hybrid in a genre that has been stale for some time.

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