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A Droid Premiere: Triple 9 (2016)


Surprise! Yes, it’s your old mate Droid here with a review of the new film ‘Triple 9’. Since it’s been a surprisingly long time since I wrote one of these, I expect it to be pretty terrible. So… par for the course, really.

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Jarv’s Best of 2000-2009. Number 6: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a difficult film to review. To begin with, it’s hard to pin down precisely what genre it falls under. It’s comic, there are science-fiction elements, a dash of romance, but it’s almost impossible to say where it should be. If I was a clerk at Blockbusters, then I’d add placing Eternal Sunshine in the aisles to my list of reasons for suicide. Read More…

The Odyssey continues: Jarv’s best of the decade for America

Yes, I know this is late. It wasn’t my fault- honest. However,  I don’t feel bad in the slightest about keeping going.

Anyhow, on with this ultimately pointless attempt to define the top 10 of last decade. Read More…