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Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: The House Bunny (2008)

If there’s one genre that I haven’t got any luck with on these stupid Birthday series things, then that genre is comedy. The drivel that I’ve sat through in the name of “humour” has frankly made me despair for humanity, and so when The House Bunny came out of the hat for 2008’s (22nd August release date in America)representative on my lengthy paean to self-flagellation, my heart sank. I put it on fully expecting an annoying and obnoxious repeat of some of the shite that I’ve sat through such as My Boss’ Daughter, but vaguely hopeful that it may be a bit better. Not a lot better, but if it was good enough for me to get through without wanting to turn my own eyes into melon balls, then that would be a vast improvement.

No cockwomble sightings, but there may be the odd spoiler or two.

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A Droid Premiere – Thor (2011)

A Droid PremiereI can’t say I expect much from Marvel movies now. The first in the new “Marvel Studios” production line, ‘Iron Man’ proved to be an entertaining surprise (upon first viewing) at the cinema in 2008. The new studio was off to a promising start. But just two months later that promise came crashing back to earth in the shape of a giant green steroid freak in stretchy pants, with the release of ‘The Incredible Hulk’. That film firmly established the trend. Marvel Studios will be dumbing their movies down for the masses, with little attempt to create bold, challenging and satisfying stories. In short, their game plan is to play it safe.

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