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Just Pillow Talk v Marvel Comics 10. The Punisher

This was clearly not meant to be like this, but I’m killing time before going to see New Year’s Eve (I’d rather get caught breaking into Frank Castle’s house than do this) and as he’s sent both Punisher reviews in, we can double the punishment in one big, fat orgy of ass kickery. Well, half of one.

I actually like both of these films, for my sins, especially War Zone, but I do wonder why it is so hard to adapt The Punisher properly. I mean, it’s basically Death Wish, as far as I understand: 1 big bastard cleans up the streets. How can this group of Marvel adapters possibly fuck this one up… Read More…

Kloipy survived Battlefield Earth. Piece of Cake

Somehow I managed to go 10 whole years without watching Battlefield Earth. I had heard the stories, read the reviews, but nothing ever brought me to just watch this cinematic Titanic. My best friend had told me about it a few weeks ago and it sounded hilarious so I said that we should watch it. I had no idea what was in store for me. Read More…

herr milflover s’éclate à Paris avec John Travolta – a review of From Paris With Love


Aah, Paris! The City Of Lights!

If the French thought they had it bad with terrorists in last year’s G.I.Joe, they better hold on because here comes Luc Besson with another one of his mindless action movies, and this time he’s bringing John Travolta with him!

Read More…