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Koutchboom’s Adventures In Terrible Comedy – The Love Guru

Sad Clown

Some people have accused me of liking trash because I’ve enjoyed some of the recent comical offerings that Hollywood is pooping out. Films like The Hangover, Hot Tub Time Machine, Tropic Thunder, Twilight: New Moon. So I’m on a quest to find the lowest of low (though I’ve already found it, it goes by the name of ‘Year One’) in comedies. There are a slew of terrible comedies released every week it seems, while I will not be able to see all of them I at least have 5-6 movies lined up before I can’t stand the unhilarity anymore. Without furthering my adieu I bring you the first bag of sadness…The Love Guru.

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The Birthday Series – The Dukes of Hazzard (2005)

Droids Birthday Series 2005 Just so you know, I’m counting down to my birthday by reviewing one movie that was released on or around August 2nd for every year I’ve sullied earths good name. Have a gander at 2005.

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