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Post Millennial Trauma Part 1: Audition (2000)

This century has so far been really dreadful for horror and as a result we spend a quite remarkable amount of time debating torture porn:  is such and such a torture porn film, what qualifies as torture porn, if that qualifies then why doesn’t this, and so forth. So once every now and again I’m going to look at a Horror film from each year in the 21st Century that I think is worth a look. From the outset, let me make this crystal clear: I hate torture porn. Eli Roth and his foul ilk can go and suck a fat one as far as I’m concerned. So, there will be little of that evil nonsense polluting this series.

So, here we go, the first of the Post Millennial Horror films: Audition. Read More…

Jarv’s Best of 2000-2009. Number 3: Battle Royale

Now we reach the climax of the list, it becomes harder for me to separate and rank them. This is a film that I saw back when it was first released that just blew me away. It’s got a terrible reputation, mostly down to the bad timing behind the release (what with it being so close to Columbine) but to treat it as a mere exploitation film is to underrate and disparage a staggering achievement. Battle Royale is a masterpiece of dystopian cinema that creates a bleak and depressing landscape of generational fallout and every man for himself.

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From the Vault: Schlock in the 21st Century

This century hasn’t been kind to schlock. Needless to say, here’s a list of some I recommend and some I really, really don’t. Some of these I’ve already reviewed, some I haven’t. It’s not a top ten, rather just films from the bargain bucket that I think are worth a look. Read More…

The Cove Is the Greatest Documentary Ever Made

No not really, but it’s damn good. Read More…

Jarv’s Schlock Vault: Toxic Avenger triple bill

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The Toxic Avenger


“If you’re in danger and you need help, maybe, just maybe… the Toxic Avenger will be there”

Kind of like a mutant A-Team. Heh. Read More…