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maninchairHEY LOOK A NEW POST! NO SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! I know, I know. I haven’t posted anything in awhile but in fairness nobody else has either so I thought maybe, just maybe, if I did it would get the ball rolling again. Let’s hope so!

Well anyway this isn’t going to be a long post. I’m just going to make recommendations for a bunch of TV shows I think are great for binge watching for different reasons. Most I’ve talked about before probably but this is just a post to get my feet wet for writing again. Let me know in the comments any shows I missed which will be many I am sure. One last thing, this isn’t in any sort of order it’s just as they occur to me.


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Here’s a look at some shows I’ve been watching in a mini-review format. Some are on going, some have wrapped up for the season and few have just started their run. As always spoiler warning is in effect but then again if you read reviews online and expect them to be spoiler free your parents and grandparents, nay, your whole line are sibling fuckers. Read More…

Jarv and Xiphos explain why Game of Thrones Season 2 sucks giant flaming dragon balls

Game of Thrones is unfairly lauded across the Internets and by bored TV critics salivating over something shiny. However, in all honesty, the second series of it hasn’t only been not very good but actually awful and quite unmeriting of the slavering adoration showered upon it.

Myself and Xi had varying opinions of the first series, in that we both liked different bits, but one thing we agreed on was that there was plenty of room for improvement, and the second series could well turn into something special. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case- and we both held the opinion that the second series is an absolute televisual atrocity.

Contains serious spoilers below- you have been warned. 

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Mini Review Resurrection: Game of Thrones.





It’s been a while since any of us have done one of these, so I thought that I’d resurrect an old format for a series that’s pretty much universally loved. I have the following disclaimer to add at the top, though: I neither know nor care about the original series of novels it is based on. So I don’t want to hear one “Waaaaaaah, it’s not like the book, waaaaaah” because I don’t know if it is or not and, more importantly, I couldn’t give a red fuck.  Read More…