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A look at 2013: January to March

2013-HeaderIt’s a new year. Time for resolutions, fresh starts, life changing decisions and all that bollocks. It’s also a good time to evaluate the cinematic landscape that we’ll be navigating in the new year. 2012 was, let’s face it, a very mixed bag in terms of cinema. Some good, a lot of bad, but mostly it was content with mediocrity. Will 2013 be any different? Let’s take a look.

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Stuff Blows Up – Taken 2 (2012)

stuff-blows-up-real-good-headerThe first Taken film, released in 2008, came as a bit of a surprise. It’s an effective, lean, mean action film elevated by a convincing, driven central performance from Liam Neeson. After a lacklustre 20 minutes (10 of which are entirely unnecessary), the film delivered one of the most gripping, perfectly executed scenes in recent action films. Brian Mills (Neeson) on the phone to his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) as she is abducted, to be sold into prostitution. What follows is a relentless series of beatings as Mills devastates the Parisian immigrant population in his search for his daughter. It’s pure, grim, visceral thrills, and it’s one of the better action films of the past 5 years. It was also a big hit on a modest budget. Inevitably, we get a sequel. How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice? Well, when you bludgeon to death half the population of Albania, a few of the victims family members may kick up a stink.

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Just Pillow Talk v Marvel Comics Number 6 (Part 2)- X2: X Men United

Despite what he says, I think you’ll find, and IMDB agrees, that this film is not called X-Men 2. It is, in fact, called X2. Or at least that’s what the internet tells me, and the picture he submitted. Nevertheless, it’s petty of me to get this in in the intro, but I’m doing it because I have read his opening paragraph, so I’m getting my retaliation in first. If this rubbish does spark Droid into removing finger from plug socket and actually completing Mission Impossible: Droid Protocol, thereby consigning me to New Year’s Eve, then I’m going to blame you entirely for this. You total bastard.

In the meantime, below is part two of his X-Men saga with the best non-cretinous film in the series. It’s still not great, but here’s Just Pillow Talk with X2: Read More…

Just Pillow Talk v Marvel Comics. Number 6 (part 1): THE X-MEN

Sadly for Just Pillow Talk, this is Brian Singer’s version of the X-men. So instead of a plethora of scantily/ latex clad babes he’s got to endure a boring extended gay metaphor with nary a boob in sight, limited action, and lots and lots of crying.

I always thought this series would be too much for him, and it appears that he agrees. Probably the thought of doing 5 of them in a row. As a result, he’s sensibly decided to split it up, and here is his first attempt: X-men.

Me, I think this is shit. I thought it was shit at the time, and nothing I’ve seen has changed my opinion. Still, over to you Just Pillow Talk:

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