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Head Popping Fun- Scanners 3- The Takeover

I’m not sure that I like the US title of this. I mean “The Takeover” is pretty literal really, given that much of the action in the film follows an evil Scanner “taking over” her adopted father’s business. Mind you, having said that, The UK Title (Scanner Force) is just fucking ridiculous. Nevertheless, putting title whinges behind me, this is part 3 of the Scanners series. Read More…


You’ll need more than Nurofen: Scanners 2- The New Order

When this series was suggested to me after the completely misguided foray into rural America that was Children of the Corn, I do have to say that I jumped at it. I’ve already reviewed the outstanding original here, and gave it a deserved high rating, and I quite liked part 3 when I first saw it. Therefore, I reasoned that being as 4 and 5 are “SCANNER COP” which is an awesome idea for schlock, the only one that could possibly suck balls would be number 2, and that’s pretty easy to get over.

Well, call me Nostradamus, because Scanners 2: The New Order, does unsurprisingly suck balls.  Read More…