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Requiem for procrastination: Jarv looks at the last 12 months of Werewolves on the Moon.

Another October has passed and we’re another year older and wiser. Thus it is time for me to trawl through the archives and present some of our efforts that have been hugely entertaining and maybe worthy of another look.

Last year, I did this by month, but I’m not so sure that’s the way forward this time. Basically, the year has been dominated by a number of series, and so instead of me churning out loads and patting myself on the back, I thought I’d just look at a few of the contributions from various good Changians. Some have been fun for all involved, and some of them less enjoyable for one of the brethren (Just Pillow Talk).

So, here we go: Happy Belated Birthday to us….

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Censor Me! Violence is golden: Reservoir Dogs

When I rewatched this film for this review I was struck with a sense of sadness. I vividly remember  seeing it at the time (and I’ll explain why in a moment), but I hadn’t seen it again for years. God knows why, as I actually have 2 copies of it on DVD (one I bought, and one that came in a box set), but for much of the 1990’s Quentin Tarantino’s debut effort was one of my favourite films. Anyway, as I say, watching it this time actually made me sad, because while I really enjoyed it again, you can see all the early signs that would contribute to Cokey McFrankensteinhead’s latter-day self-indulgence, and other cinematic crimes.

Nevertheless, Reservoir Dogs is this week’s censorship review, as in many ways the history of this film is an almost perfect example of the idiocies of the British Classification system. Once again, all citations come from the BBFC’s excellent case study, available here.

Lengthy personal anecdote and mild spoilers below

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Jarv has sympathy for the devil and takes a look at Censorship

In the light of recent terrible events the debate about violence in film and censorship has arisen again. The British press has been full of stories about the BBFC, and commentary on the subject of censorship in general. So with that as background, here are my thoughts on the problems that any, hopefully, developed society should have with censorship. Before we start, for the most part, I am not pro-censor, and to some extent that does colour my viewpoint, although I do feel some sympathy for what is an often untenable position.

This is the first time I’ve attempted an essay, and it is very long. Apologies in advance. Read More…

Jarv’s Birthday Series: Piranha 3D (2010)

I’m nearly there now. In case you don’t know what the score is with this series, it works like this: Droid came up with the idea last year, and it’s intriguing enough for a few of us to take it on as well. We’re watching one film released as close as possible to the day we were born on each year that we’ve graced the planet. My run has been comparatively simple (well compared to poor old Just Pillow Talk’s), with an eclectic mix of the good, the bad and the ugly, and as I near the end, I have to say that I’m feeling really quite pleased with how it has gone. The joy of this series, is that you get to watch a lot of films that you either needed to be reminded about or hadn’t seen to begin with and the chance of rooting out some overlooked gems is fairly high. In my instance, I discovered Reform School Girls, The Driver and Invincible as films that really came in as a pleasant surprise. The flip side is that you also have to watch a fair old amount of shit, but you can’t have everything. I will sadly, be returning to this series in the next few months, as I made an unfortunate cock-up with 2009 and there are a hell of a lot of films released next week that I’m interested in. And an Almodovar film that Mrs. Jarv is interested in. Pah.

Nevertheless, 2010 was another interesting year, Werewolves on the Moon was coming up to being one year old, and I had mostly refined my conversational style to the standards of this review. In all honesty, actually, I look back at some of the early ones and cringe at how comparatively unsophisticated they are. Not that my more recent ones are a model of finesse and craft, but you get the idea. After much rambling preamble, it’s now time to take a look at 2010’s effort: Piranha 3D (release date either the 20th or 26th of August globally).

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*H*I*G*H*L*A*N*D*E*R*P*A*L*O*O*Z*A* Highlander- There can be only one!

Welcome to Highlanderpalooza.

I don’t know what happened, maybe everyone was jealous of my well-earned Golden Chang for the ridiculous Challenge of the Year, so we’ve all decided to enter the brain cell devastating race to the bottom that is all 5 Highlander films.

Yes, you read that right. All 5 of them. Your audacious Changians are plumbing hitherto undreamt of depths of human misery and we’re documenting it here.

Continuing for every day this week, there will be one fresh Highlander review (with the exception of part 2), supplied by me. So with no further ado, let’s launch HIGHLANDERPALOOZA 2010 with the first film… Read More…

The CoC Cinema Awards


After a long and arduous selection process and a completely open transparent voting system, it’s finally time to see who wins the coveted Golden Graboid. I did hire Johnny Vegas (sorry all I could afford) to present these, but unfortunately he’s busy throwing up in the bathroom, so I’ve got to step in. Read More…

The Underrated: Cop Land

I did a film that pretty much nobody had even heard of for the first of these, and now I’m doing one that almost everyone has seen. I’m not going to expand on the plot as it isn’t necessary, rather I’m going to attempt to persuade any doubters out there that this is an excellent film and to either give it another try, or if they haven’t seen it to do so. Read More…

The Underrated: Tropa De Elite (Elite Squad)

For this section I’m either going to review films that no-one else has seen, but I think are worth a look, or defend to the hilt those films that are universally regarded as being terrible. As this is my first attempt at this, I’m going to pick a film that has slipped off the radar- although it really shouldn’t have. A running theme of this series is going to be how often those colossal assholes, the Weinsteins, get hold of a property (OUTLANDER) and just cock up the distribution so it drops off the radar and sinks to unearned obscurity.

I first found out about this film at Christmas time in 2007. We were in Rio and talking about films with Mrs. Jarv’s brother who recommended this film. It’s taken two fucking years for me to get hold of it. 2 years! Read More…

Jarv’s Best Film of 2000-2009: City of God

Well, here it is. I can’t believe that anyone is surprised that I picked the Brazilian monster for my best film of the decade, but I find something new to love about it every time I watch it. In the last decade, which all in all has been quite good (despite what every summer has made me think), I can’t think of another film as good as this one.

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Jarv’s Best of 2000-2009. Number 2: The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others was a cause célèbre in Geek circles. Well, rather it being awarded the Oscar over Pan’s Labyrinth was. There was a huge amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth from the basement dwellers that populate boards such as AICN. However, in this case, as is so often true of them, they were talking (moaning) absolute nonsense. They were, being nice, ill-informed as very few people had actually seen this film before the Oscar. If they had, then they would know that this is the better film. In fact, it is Mrs. Jarv’s pick for Number 1. Read More…