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The Underrated: Tropa De Elite (Elite Squad)

For this section I’m either going to review films that no-one else has seen, but I think are worth a look, or defend to the hilt those films that are universally regarded as being terrible. As this is my first attempt at this, I’m going to pick a film that has slipped off the radar- although it really shouldn’t have. A running theme of this series is going to be how often those colossal assholes, the Weinsteins, get hold of a property (OUTLANDER) and just cock up the distribution so it drops off the radar and sinks to unearned obscurity.

I first found out about this film at Christmas time in 2007. We were in Rio and talking about films with Mrs. Jarv’s brother who recommended this film. It’s taken two fucking years for me to get hold of it. 2 years! Read More…