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Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: The Big Easy (1987)

I liked New Orléans when I went there years ago. A great atmosphere, easy women, alcohol by the bucketload- what’s not to love? Actually, and this reminds me, and it’s got less than nothing at all to do with the film but may strike a laugh, me and my mate were walking down Bourbon Street 3 sheets to the wind. We stopped to buy another daiquiri off a friendly native selling them from a stall, when I happened to glance up at the balcony of the bar opposite. On this balcony stands two of the best looking women that I’ve ever seen. They’re also clearly hammered, as they’re stripping for the pleasure of the crowd below. However, standing next to them was one of the least attractive and heftiest women that I saw in my entire time in America. She’s clearly 9 Sheets to a hurricane and for some reason best known to herself is also taking her clothes off. I take a swig of my drink, nudge my mate and say “Do you think her mother’s proud?”. Just as I’m going to take another swig of delicious beverage, I feel the clout of a meaty paw to the back of my head. I turn round to see a small and angry middle-aged woman glaring up at me with the vengeance of an angered god in her eyes. Before I can mutter a word, she screams out “I AM ACTUALLY”.

Anyway, that’s got less than nothing to do with the film, at all, so here we go with the review.

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DVD-BreakingAway This excellent slice of life/coming of age/character driven movie from 1979, which won the Oscar for best original screenplay, is on my list of near perfect movies. The look, the feel, the actions and choices the characters make, all of it has a genuine authenticity that most of these sorts of movies lack. Now with that being said I am going to guess that not many people have even heard of it let alone seen it, which is a shame because I wish more movies with this kind of quality were being made.

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Pandorum rounds off a steller year for Syfy

Pandorum Poster

Yes, we did not know how to market this film.

Since nobody saw this 40 million dollar price tag in theaters we should all be ashamed of ourselves.  I blame the fact that the studios withheld a critic screening of it which usually screams crapfest, and any real critic with the moxie to see a movie with the masses did not really scream high praise for the film.

Boy were they wrong.

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LEGION is a mess of Biblical proportions by herr milflover



You’d think a movie about a machine gun toting rebellious Angel trying to stop other Angels from bringing about the Biblical End of the World would make for some thrilling supernatural mayhem.


But you’d be thinking wrong.

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Droid defines the decades best movies – #21 Frequency (2000)

I’ve had to make room for a couple of recently seen movies that have shoulder barged their way into my Top 20.  And since I’ve already toiled away at a few reviews, I’ve now expanded this list to 21.  Can’t let my talent go to waste now can I?  So with out further ado, here is the first entry in my epic journey through a ton of absolute shit to find the best movies of the decade.  Enjoy.

frequency poster I love time travel movies.  ‘Back to the Future’ is my favourite movie of all time.  I love them beyond all sense and reason.  They are usually bunk filled nonsense, but when done even remotely well, they are very entertaining and loads of fun.  I don’t know if I’d call ‘Frequency’ a time travel movie per se, because there’s no actual travelling between time periods, but it does play with time and the effect that changing the past can have on the future.  Or present.  Whatever. It’s similar to ‘The Butterfly Effect’ (which was made after this), except that it’s not shite and it doesn’t have an annoying twat in the lead.

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