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Droid defines the decades best movies – #18 Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Directors Cut

poster When I first saw ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ at the cinema I thought it was garbage.  It was ‘Gladiator’ all over again, except with an actor in the lead who would be more suited to miming in a boy band than leading the defence of Jerusalem against the vast Muslim army.  It felt slight, despite it’s almost two and a half hour running time.  There was little depth to the relationships and it seemed to touch on a subject then scuttle off in search of the nearest action scene.

A few years after I’d stricken it from the record, I noticed nattering amongst the ranks that a newly released Directors Cut had not only resurrected this flick from it’s shallow grave but gave it a brand new haircut and a shiny new suit as well.  So I checked out the re-released version, risking 194 minutes of my oh so precious time, and was absolutely amazed by what I saw.  It’s essentially the same film, but about ten times better.  What a difference 50 minutes can make.

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