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Droid defines the Decades best movies – #9 Requiem for a Dream (2001)

Requiem for a Dream Poster Through my sheer exhaustive dedication to procrastination, my thunder has once more been stolen by Jarv’s review (found here). His is a good review, and he makes many of the same points that I was going to. So while touching on those briefly, I will try to make this a review that works alongside his one, so as not to repeat and bore you all to tears.

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Patton Oswalt Big Fan Poster

Its always game day for Patton Oswalt in Big Fan

Big fan is not a big movie at all, in fact its even smaller in scope then writer/director Robert D. Siegel’s last film he wrote, The Wrestler.  But just like Paul Aufiero’s (Patton Oswalt) life, small in scope is what works for him.
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News Roundup – November 11, 2009: Aronofsky, Trannys, Cross dressers!


There’s not much in the way of news, but here’s what’s on offer over the past couple of days.

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