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Jarv’s 2012 retrospective part 2: The worst that I reviewed


Having gone through my 2012, it appears that not only have I watched an awful lot of films, but I’ve also reviewed an awful lot. Unfortunately, given the content of the average film that I review, the vast majority of them have been middling to downright awful.

Just to explain quickly: I have a number of open-ended series running: the Schlock Vault, The Underrated, and Made in Britain. However, I do also intersperse these with other closed series such as the inevitable Birthday Series (note to self, finish this), and various horror franchises. The long running categories, particularly the Vault, provide the vast majority of my 2012 reviews, and these also provide the vast majority of the absolute dogs that I’ve seen. Which isn’t a shock given the nature of the beast and the focus on B-movies.

Anyhow, with no further ado, here are the “bottom 10” pieces of shit that I watched in 2012, with a wee capsule review of them.  Read More…

Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: Crossing Delancey (1988)

I never have any luck with Romantic Comedies on these lists, and on first glance Crossing Delancey (24th August in the USA) doesn’t look like it’s going to help me out at all. I don’t have anything against the genre per se, but so many of them are just simply terrible. Why couldn’t I have got When Harry Met Sally, as that’s really good and I seem to remember it being released at around this time? It’s just not fair. Still, I’ll give it my best shot.

May contain a handy household tip to remove the smell of pickle from one’s fingers and spoilers below. Read More…