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Cronenberg bores Jarv shitless: Fast Company

This film is garbage. I thought Rabid would be the worst film in Cronenberg’s filmography, being as that is also rubbish, but this terrible wart of a film sits there glaring malevolently at me. It doesn’t even feel like a Cronenberg film. In fact, what it feels like is some sort of god-awful lifestyle movie of the week; some sort of shitty and ill-conceived biopic of a redneck drag racing icon. Read More…

Cronenberg disturbs Jarv: Rabid

Before I get into this review of Cronenberg’s sophomore film, I just want to hand out a “twat of the day” award to Richard Corliss of Time Magazine for this comment in Marilyn Chambers’ obituary:

The sad news is that Chambers, to quote the title from a 1974 movie she did not appear in, is 99 and 44/100% dead.

There’s being rude, and there’s poor taste in an obituary. That comment is offensive for the sake of being offensive, and seems so pleased with its own cleverness that I didn’t read the rest of the article after that. Aye, very good Corliss, you know she was the Ivory Snow soap model. Revolting.

All digressions aside, Rabid is Cronenberg’s somewhat disappointing follow up to the promising Shivers, and I can’t say that I really like it. I think, if anything, Rabid represents a real step back for him. Read More…

Cronenberg disturbs Jarv: Shivers

I’m precisely one film into this series and I’m already wondering if this is a good idea. I know exactly what Cronenberg is about, and I usually carefully ration them so that I don’t overdose on body-horror, but I’d forgotten how, well, icky some of the early Cronenberg films are. Shivers, or They Came From Within to give it its US title, is an exemplary early look at several of the themes that would come to dominate Cronenberg’s back catalogue. Read More…