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Do NOT go ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall


This is one of few Tim Burton films I didn’t see in theaters with Corpses Bride (on purpose) and Ed Wood (because it wasn’t in enough theaters) being the others. Seeing what a giant hit this movie had become I was a little upset because I felt that maybe Tim had done it again, he brought back that old magic that made him one of my favorite film makers of all time. I mean a movie that grosses a billion dollars has to be pretty entertaining on some level, I didn’t really care for the Pirates franchise but I recognized the fun of it all. Too bad I cannot say the same for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

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9, reviewed by Koutchboom

9 is an astonishing and beautiful piece of the apocalypse.

9 movie

I have no good reason for why I did not see this in the theater. I was extremely excited when I saw the first trailer. I had already seen and loved the short film. My favorite movies are Toy Story and City of Lost Children and this is pretty much the combination of both. I love animated films. The last great film I had seen had the number 9 in the title and was also based on a short film. Instead I foolishly listened to reviews about it. What a great film.

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