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Jarv’s Birthday Series Redux: Dead Clowns (2004)

As has been oft noted, these Birthday Series have a number of obvious benefits, as well as some serious flaws. One of the most noted benefits is that the very act of tracing cinema releases back opens up the possibility of seeing many films that may otherwise have passed by. One not so oft noted benefit, more of a bonus really, is that it gives the eminently patient and long-suffering Mrs. Jarv a respite from the garbage that I tend to review. Not that I necessarily think that such awesomeness should ever be described as garbage, but she’s much less lenient than I am. Nevertheless, there’s an equally oft cited downside to these films: if I haven’t heard of them, then chances are there’s a damned good reason for it.

In the case of 2004’s Dead Clowns, release date 23rd August in the UK, which is a poster boy for this, it’s because it’s simply a fucking awful film that deserved to sink without trace. Read More…