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The Underrated: The Chronicles of Riddick

Right, let me just check my inventory for this one: Flak jacket? Check. Tin Hat? Check. Bunker? Check? Magic shite repelling shield? Arse, there’s always something.

Well, that’s as prepared as I’m going to get for this. I’ve long held out that while in no stretch of the imagination is Chronicles of Riddick a good film (and let’s face it, it really isn’t), it is at the very least a hilariously entertaining one with more ambition, balls and downright flair than almost everything else that passes itself off as a summer movie nowadays.

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The Birthday Series – Bon Cop Bad Cop (2006)

Droids Birthday Series 2006

You know the score by now. I’m counting down to my birthday by reviewing one movie that was released on or around August 2nd for every year of my life. Today I give you 2006.

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Bon Cop, Bad Cop is Très Magnific


Though it technically isn’t French I’ll give Bon Cop, Bad Cop the benefit of the doubt (and the fact that half the movie is in French) and say “HOT DAMN! FUCK! Even the French know how to make a good buddy cop movie!”

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